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Doyle’s Wild Imagination

It was ironic that Richard Doyle’s August 23 letter was titled “Price of Ignorance,” as his diatribe was full of that which his letter lamented.

I’m a proud supporter of Obamacare for many reasons, not the least of which is that more than 3 million people (including myself) are now covered when they otherwise wouldn’t be. The poor, the perpetually ill, the unemployed, and the average taxpayer have all reaped the benefits of this program through expanded Medicaid and reduced basic health care, tests and medicine.

Following his attack of Obamacare, Mr. Doyle then expressed conspiracy-theory claims of felon voting. Mr. Doyle presented no actual evidence. Even Norm Coleman’s own lawyer said in court there was no fraud in the election. In a Star Tribune story about the numbers Mr. Doyle states as fact, Ramsey County prosecutor Phil Carruthers said “Overwhelmingly, their statistics were not accurate.”

To use imaginary facts to claim an ID requirement is necessary is disingenuous. Minnesota’s system is one of the least flawed in the country, evidenced by two recounts in the past two elections that have reinforced the legitimacy and professionalism of those running our elections.

Worse yet, Mr. Doyle openly supported a litmus test for voting, reminiscent of a time when women and people of color were not allowed to vote because they were viewed as less “intellectual.”

Unlike Mr. Doyle and GOP leadership, I submit that we should look for ways to expand voting, not restrict it.

Devon Holstad
Forest Lake


Hypocritical Attacks

To all those attacking Max Anderson in the comment section on the Forest Lakes Times website, at least Mr. Anderson is fairly respectful in his letters.

It is a bit hypocritical to be attacking him while none of you mention Richard Doyle’s name calling and unsubstantiated attacks on Sen. Franken and President Obama; his letter may fit in nicely on some hate group’s websites we all hear about. Where is your outrage with him or is that type of letter OK as long as you agree with him?

The ironic thing in Mr. Doyle’s letter as he attacks the Affordable Healthcare Act, is his comment “I don’t mind helping pay medical costs of the truly unfortunate, but I resent paying for those too irresponsible to buy insurance.”

The healthcare law that Mr. Doyle is complaining about mandates that everyone must buy health insurance; it seems Mr. Doyle is complaining about the very thing the healthcare law would address.

Mr. Doyle also wrote “In a perfect world there would be some minimal intellectual qualification to vote… The price of ignorance is costly, and the cost has been growing.”

While I disagree with Mr. Doyle’s concept of a “minimal intellectual qualification to vote”; it would be a great improvement to the election process and our elected officials would be more accountable to their constituents, if voters like Mr. Doyle would educate themselves on issues and legislation prior to casting their ballots.

Michael  LaFave
Forest Lake


Venomous Letters

I am a news junkie. I get two newspapers on a daily basis and three weekly news magazines.

In all of these publications the first thing I read is the “letters to the editor” section. In these turbulent times many people are expressing strong emotions, but the letters that appear in the Forest Lake Times stand out for their venom.

On a consistent basis there are letters that are so angry, so hateful, so arrogant, so disrespectful that I am surprised they are published. What is next? Letters written in blood?

Please remember letters like these also elicit emotions, also negative. “You reap what you sow.”

Dorothy A. Flynn


Miracles Happen

To Brad Ziernicki and Kelly Wing:

As usual you have done little or no research before sticking foot in mouth. Here is the quote form the group of Bishops from Catholics United themselves.

On April 16, a group of Catholic bishops condemned “Paul Ryan’s budget proposal as failing a basic moral test in that it slashes food assistance to the poor and radically redefines safety net programs such as Medicare,”

For over 20 years Paul Ryan subscribed to Rand and her philosophies to the point of making it required reading for his staff and I quote: “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.”

Suddenly Mr. Ryan has second thoughts on his being a disciple of Rand when considered for the VP spot and miraculously changed his thinking. How convenient after 20 years of being a Rand zealot.

I guess miracles do happen!

Ayn Rand called Christianity  “the best kindergarten of communism possible.” An avid atheist, she saw religions’ support for the common good as “antithetical to her individualistic philosophy.”

The philosophy of greed just to make yourself happy conflicts with most religions who believe in brother helping brother and assisting the poor.

I don’t buy Ryan’s sudden conversion nor the pathetic attempt by you to spread misinformation on such an important issue. Facts are facts.

Max Anderson


Winning Record

As an economist, Julie Bunn, with her extensive experience and knowledge, will be working on our behalf to move our state forward in the face of significant economic and budget challenges. It would appear that David C. Olson, president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, agrees.

In a recent opinion piece (Star Tribune, August 16), Olson cites major achievements led by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce these past years. The first is the Omnibus Transportation bill: In the 2007-8 session Julie voted along with her Democratic colleagues and six Republicans who crossed over party orders to override Pawlenty’s veto, to pass overdue funding to maintain roads and bridges, and in particular provided funding for the St Croix River bridge.

Julie Bunn chief authored the 2007, and co-authored the 2008, Minnesota healthcare reform proposals that were passed and signed into law. As Olson mentions, these were indeed significant accomplishments for the business community.

Julie is a bold, innovative and practical leader with a record of writing and supporting good-for-business legislation. Let’s make sure the wheels keep turning by voting for Julie Bunn for Senate in District 39 this November.

Mary Elise Miller
Lake Elmo


Invest in Future

Dear Mayor Johnson and Council:

I won’t be at your budget meeting August 30, but I would like to add my two cents worth, namely, that you don’t get enough credit for all you do! I would tell you how much I trust that each of you has our best interests in mind as you deliberate, even if I don’t always agree with all of your individual positions.

Most citizens agree you have a thankless job as you try to meet the diverse needs and wishes of a community that is, itself, diverse in many ways; and yet we are one in our pride and joy of living here.

In the 34 years I have lived in this community, I have never observed what some vocal residents call a “tax and spend” government. There has so been much bending over backwards to appease the “anti any kind of tax” group that we are always playing catch-up to bring us up to date as a 20th century city, let alone being prepared for 21st century demands.

As you deliberate how much money you need from us to do what is necessary to maintain what we have, and (forgive us of our sins………if we should) invest in the future, know that you have my support as one resident.

More importantly, I hopefully assume the vast majority of Forest Lakers are behind you, and might be embarrassed that we don’t say so often enough! We trust you will use our tax dollars wisely, and we like what you have been doing.

Patrick Kelly
Forest Lake