Washington County keeps levy flat

The Washington County Board of Commissioners adopted resolutions Sept. 11 certifying the county’s proposed property tax levies and budget for 2013. Final approval will come after a public hearing in December. The board may lower the levy then, but it cannot raise it.

The recommended budget calls for no increase in the county property tax levy or the levy for the Land and Water Legacy Program. The proposed budget included a net county tax levy of $86.5 million, and non-levy revenue of $80.3 million. It calls for operating expenditures of $142.9 million, and capital expenditures of $18.5 million. The proposed budget is made up of a 2.2 percent increase in operating expenditures and a decrease of 12 percent in capital expenditures.

Those who own a home valued at $250,000, assuming an 8 percent value reduction from 2012 to 2013, should see a $22 reduction in the county portion of the annual property tax bill.