North Lakes’ young soccer team still building

Huskies lose homecoming game


NLA senior Brandon Flom contorts to keep the ball from going out-of-bounds during the Huskies homecoming game against the Academy for Sciences and Agriculture last Thursday. North Lakes would go on to lose the home game to the Eagles 7-0. (Photo by Kat Ladwig)

Kat Ladwig
Sports Editor

The Huskies boys’ soccer team fought hard last week during its homecoming game, but couldn’t keep the Academy for Sciences and Agriculture’s offensive attack in check, as they fell 7-0 in front of the homecoming crowd in Wyoming.

“Like any team, we walked onto the field hoping for a homecoming victory,” North Lakes Academy assistant coach Danielle Haller said. “During the first few minutes of the game, the boys took a hit to their confidence and fought to shake that negativity off.”

The Eagles never let up on offense, as they had 27 attempts on goal.

Half of the Huskies lineup consists of seventh-to-ninth graders. Haller said once the team has more experience at the faster pace of older teams, North Lakes will have the upper hand.

“Despite the final score of the game, the last half was a very good display of effort and dedication from all the players,” Haller said. “They didn’t put their heads down and quit.  They ran until they sweat and gave it their all.”

The Huskies faced Calvin Christian in a 5 p.m. game this Tuesday, and play again Thursday, Sept. 27, at 4:45 p.m. against Hmong Academy at home.