Carp barriers coming to Martin Lake

Plan is to limit migration upstream to Typo Lake


Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

Supervisor Bob Millerbernd brought good news Sept. 25 to the Linwood Town Board Meeting from the Sunrise River Water Management Organization: Carp barriers are to be installed this year.

The DNR approved a request for an additional $92,392 to make up the shortfall for the construction of these barriers. Millerbernd explained that finishing touches are being made on the design of the barriers planned for portions of Sunrise River flowage from the southern end of Typo Lake into Martin Lake.

One change noted is that the barrier to be installed on the north end of Martin Lake will be the same design as the one at the south end of Typo Lake; with horizontal screens to block outlet. Previously the plan had been to use vertical culverts with grated covers and perforations for the water to pass through them. Millerbernd said the engineers for the project put extra time into the design, but at the agreed-upon price.

Millerbernd explained this is a cost-saving measure; the quality of the barrier remains the same. The location is where Typo Creek Drive (CR-85) crosses the Sunrise River. Millerbernd said the workers will be able to install the structures even into the winter, taking advantage of low water.

Once installed, their function is to limit migration from Martin Lake, upstream to Typo Lake, which would interfere with the spawning cycle. The screens allow water flow, but block the migration of the rough fish.

Other Business

Two residents living just east of the Linwood Township-Wyoming city border asked for some assistance from the township related to road-grading operations. Their complaints have to do with sand and gravel being dragged onto the paved road at the corner of 205th Street and Lyons Street.

There concerns are also for safety. The grader appears to have no warning beeper or back-up light. There is heavy travel now because of hunters, who drive into and out of Carlos Avery in the dark. Traffic is all day, anytime of day. It picks up on weekends. There was a question about drivers’ credentials and competency.

Supervisors are to contact Wyoming Public Works Department, the Anoka deputy who patrols township roads, and also speak with the grader for the road.

Attorney Mike Haag reported on the status of the code book updates. These are being referred back to Planning and Zoning for comments. He anticipates that the final form likely will be presented at the next board meeting.

A “meet the candidates” event is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, Oct. 15 at the Linwood Senior Center. Residents are invited and encouraged to attend to meet the candidates for supervisor and township clerk. A moderator will conduct the meeting. Questions will be accepted from the floor.

Supervisors approved a lot split for Joanne Peterson. The request was to split 10 acres from their 40 acre parcel. Planning and zoning recommended the action. The approval for the lot split was 4-0. Mike Parker did not attend the meeting.

Supervisors approved Pay Estimate #1 to Knife River, in the amount of $214,695.70 for the companyís work on the 2012 Linwood Street Maintenance Project. This represents project costs of $225,995.47, completed to date; minus five-percent which is retained until the final project approval. The vote was 4-0.

Millerbernd requested the bill from McCollough Well Drilling be pulled for review before payment. The agreement called for drilling up to 200 feet, at $28 a foot. The company drilled 170 feet, so Millerbernd believes there should be adjustments, even with some of the extra work on the well. Supervisors are to review the bill and consider it at the next regular meeting.

Payment of all other bills was approved by a vote of 4-0.

In other business:

• The board announced no burning permits are being issued because of the dry conditions. Notice came from the local fire marshals and DNR.

• The board approved minutes of the Sept. 11 board meeting. The vote was 4-0.

• Staff received a memorandum from the Anoka County engineer noting that legal placement of political signs is outside the road rights-of-way.