Forest Lake scores at or above state average in MCA science test

District 831 students who took the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment science tests performed at least as well as the state as a whole, according to data published in the Star Tribune.

The percentage of fifth grade students who were rated proficient in science was 63.0 percent in Forest Lake schools and 58.0 percent in Minnesota. The 2011 fifth grade result for Forest Lake was 41 percent.

Only 42.0 percent of the eighth grade students in the Forest Lake district were proficient in science, but this compares to only 42.5 percent in the state. In 2011 the Forest Lake number was 45 percent.

At the high school level, 56.5 percent of Forest Lake students were proficient in science and 52.0 percent in the state. The 2011 result for Forest Lake High School was 57.4 percent.

The Science MCA-II has multiple-choice and short-answer, or constructed-response questions as well as figural-response questions. A calculator can be used on all segments of the test.