LAYSB takes anger head on

Anger runs rampant in the lives of some adolescents, causing them to hurt themselves and others, destroying much of what is important to them.

Among the most common phone calls received at Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau are those from parents and adolescents asking about anger. They say things like, “I don’t know what happens, I just lose control,” or “He’s a great kid, but I don’t know where this anger of his is coming from.”

REACH can help teenagers develop skills to handle their anger.

The program, for ages 13 to 18, meets once a week for six weeks at the Youth Service Bureau office, 244 North Lake Street in Forest Lake.

It is led by John Koester, Youth and Family Therapist Intern, and costs $75.

Youth and their parents attend an initial interview.

Call 651.464.3685 for more information and to schedule the initial meeting.