MV blanks FL in home finale

The Ranger football squad faced No. 6 (Class 6A) Mounds View at home last Friday, falling 61-0 to the football powerhouse.

Forest Lake struggled to make a stop and allowed 423 rushing yards and 75 passing yards.

“Mounds View is just good at all phases of the game,” head coach Billy Kirch said. “They’re good up front, they move people around, block to their running backs and have an effective play-action-pass game.”

Still, Kirch and his coaching staff were satisfied with their game plan on defense. With the Mustangs’ size up front, Kirch never planned to match up his players. Instead, he assigned them angle coverage to keep his line moving and backfield covering the holes. Unfortunately, Kirch said the Rangers failed to execute on fundamentals and assignments.

“I liked our game going in, but our guys were in the wrong spots or just weren’t there,” Kirch said. “We’re young in the backfield, but we need to be better on those things that are in our control.”

On offense, the Rangers ran for 20 rushing yards and had 82 passing yards under the direction of sophomore quarterback Brandon Rogers and junior Dan Wassman. Rogers completed eight passes in 16 attempts for 78 yards. Leading receivers for the Rangers included: senior Tanner Lane with 32 yards on four catches, Wassman with 21 yards on two catches and junior Derek Giesner with one 23-yard reception.

Senior running back Glen Miron had a hard time finding the holes and was kept to 14 rushing yards in nine attempts. Senior Russ Wedger’s absence was noticed at running back, as he is out with a concussion.

Miron also led on defense alongside senior Andrew Montean with seven tackles each. Wassman followed with six tackles, while Lane and junior Randy Rehbein each had five.

The loss to the No. 2 team in the SEC gives the Rangers an 0-7 record.

“It’s frustrating for the coaches and players. We’ve got a choice to make,” Kirch said. “Are you going to stay frustrated or find the bright side and keep moving forward?”

The Rangers moved forward with their last regular-season game last night. The Rangers played Woodbury, which had a 2-5 record going into the matchup.