North Lakes soccer boys wrap up season

Logan Haller makes the save in action this season, one of many the ninth-grader made in goal. Haller stood out for the Huskies, making 44 saves in a single game in September. (Photo submitted)

Kat Ladwig
Sports Editor

The North Lakes Academy boys’ soccer team ended its season last Tuesday with an 11-0 loss to the Community of Peace Academy. The Huskies are a young squad with areas to improve, according to head coach Memo Ortega.

The Huskies ended the season at 0-13. Although the team went winless, assistant coach Danielle Haller said they learned a lot under first-year coach Ortega.

“The boys were really inspired to push themselves to be the best when he was on the field,” Haller said. “Several of the boys expressed a desire to get better and work harder next year– because of him.”

With more than 400 shots on goal from opposing teams this year, ninth-grader Logan Haller finished his first year as goalie and third on the team with a season-high 44 saves in a single game in the Sept. 25 match against Calvin Christian Academy.

Junior captain Evan Svenkeson led the offense with three goals on the year, followed by senior captain Brand Flom. Senior Calvan Gerardy and eighth-grader Adam Hale also had two goals each.

“If we can keep the same core, keep helping them grow as people as well as players, we will see some amazing things to come,” Haller said. “I am glad that both of our graduating seniors were able to score this year. Every senior should end their high school career with at least that.”

As for next season, Ortega said that they will focus on overall conditioning, as well as continuing to work on individual skills.

“We need to get then to come to the ball. Changing from offense to defense, it’s hard for them, and that’s just conditioning,” Ortega said. “It was a pleasure to work with the boys this year. I look forward to helping them grow next season.”