Police call in crime fighter Gree-Akk to help investigate

Only evidence so far is old, tattered cloth strips


With Gree-Akk, the crime-fighting gorilla, looking on, Capt. Greg Weiss takes a burglary report from Keys Cafe manager Noelle Proulx on Monday morning. Sand was found tracked inside the cafe and on the front door lock. The nearby GNC store also reported an incident of the same kind early Monday. (Photo by Cliff Buchan)

Cliff Buchan
Staff Writer

In an effort to help nab a mysterious intruder, Forest Lake police have called on Gree-Akk, a crime-fighting gorilla, to help solve a series of burglaries.

The call to the gorilla and his partner Chris Costello of Forest Lake went out this week after police were called to a pair of business incidents west of I-35. Police were called to Keys Cafe and GNC where business personnel reported that burglar alarms had been tripped early Monday morning.

There was no sign of forced entry. Store personnel reported nothing appeared to be missing. Strangely, both locations reported sand on the floor and in the front door locks.

The reports from Keys Cafe and GNC followed a similar report one week earlier at Family Pathways in Forest Lake where an old and tattered piece of torn cloth was found in the food shelf warehouse.

“This may be the work of a prankster but evidence gathered at Family Pathways lends a sinister note,” said Capt. Greg Weiss, who is in charge of the investigation. With the police department’s canine officer involved in other cases, Weiss said Gree-Akk got the call.

Weiss said he remains hopeful that Gree-Akk can provide assistance in tracking the intruder and solving this mystery.