Northland Mall

This development concept calling for city facilities to be built at the current Northland Mall site will be presented at tonight's meeting of the Economic Development Authority. (Illustration submitted)

  • Maxwell C. Hall

    I think it would be great for people to attend this meeting. It is absolutely necessary to become engaged in local affairs. It will be great listening to the planned proposal. Keep in mind, City Hall and the Police Department are essential amenities of Forest Lake government. It is important we have a good facility that “shows off” Forest Lake. And to also provide more space to become more effective and efficient are important to consider. Thank you.

  • Nicole

    I think it is a wonderful idea to rehab the Northland Mall, it is in such disarray. I wish I could attend tonight, but am hopefully that plenty of residents show up and show support as well as provide feedback.

  • Annie

    It nice to see an asphalt wasteland with one course of concrete blocks from the early 70’s (I used to ride my bike there) finally turned into the center of town. It only to 35+ years. I hope the city of Forest Lake does better than the original developer did, and 35 years from now, people think it was a good idea.