Dufour falls to fourth with one FL precinct remaining

Forest Lake Councilman Jim Dufour will need to rally in Precinct 5 if he wants to keep his seat. Dufour has fallen into fourth place in a race for two seats on the council. Ben Winnick will be joining the council as he has secured over 1,500 votes more than the next candidate. Winnick has 3,999 votes with four precincts reporting. Jeff Klein is holding onto second place with 2,456 votes. Ed Eigner has grabbed third place with 2,236 votes, five ahead of Dufour.

Mayor Chris Johnson holds a safe lead in his race for reelection. He has 3,405 votes compared to 2,311 for Bruce Anderson. Brian Hile has earned 483 votes.

  • Marv Peterson

    Congratulations to Ben and Jeff. I can only hope that our mayor will have the courtesy to work with the new members to the council and will have learned from the last council meeting how rude and disrespectful an individual he really is. I have known and worked with a lot of attorneys but I have never seen one that shows so little respect for the people that have put him in the position of authority as Chris Johnson.

  • Chet

    I was at that last meeting and feel ashamed by the rude and loud-mouth citizens that were also in attendance. If those persons would have actually waited their own turn to speak instead of just shouting out and interrupting the mayor I think you may feel differently. The biggest. Issue I had was that several persons, who kept interrupting, were doing so just so they could. When given a chance to speak at the podium they magically didn’t have anything to say. I can tell you this. If I were the mayor at that meeting, I would not have been nearly as patient as he was. I give credit to Mayor Johnson for his patients and willingness to listen to even the most rude citizen.