Gov. Romney graciously concedes victory to President Obama

With a “Believe in America” banner behind him, Gov. Mitt Romney offered a very gracious congratulations to President Obama on his re-election Tuesday to a second term.

“This is a great time for challenges for America and I want to wish President Obama the best,” said Romney.

Romney paid tribute to his wife Ann and to his running mate, Sen. Paul Ryan.

“The nation is at a critical point and must end political bickering and reach across the aisles,” Romney stated. The country must rely on honesty, charity, integrity and family, Romney added.

“I believe in America, I believe in the people of America. I ran for office because I am concerned for America.”

Romney admitted that he and Sen. Ryan left everything on the playing field. The nation chose another leader, Romey continued, “and Ann and I wish to pray for him and for America.”

  • Mike Brody

    Dear Gov. & Ann Romney,

    My heart breaks for you in this loss, but even more for the loss to America. The electorate has changed. How anyone could not see how much greater are your leadership qualities over the incumbent is beyond me. The only answer is that it is a different electorate: Racist, uninformed, and downright stupid!

    Due to ethnic changes in our population, does this mean that Republicans can never win? It will probably take a democratic led disaster for people to realize that most Republicans are well meaning, good hearted, ethical, talented and great leaders.

    Imagine, Pres. Obama calling you a liar, when his Benghazi lies were so evident. Someone at CBS ahould be prosecuted for editing the 60 minute interview and revealing Obama’s lies only 3 days before the election.

    I know what a great President you would have been and it’s so hard to accept your not gaining the presidency. What fools these voters be!

    Thanks for a great effort anywy.

    Mike Brody