Open Forum for week of Nov. 15

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A Noteworthy Show

A delightful performance with many memorable moments in the production of Forest Lake Area High School’s performance of “High School Musical.” Went to see it twice and heard laughter and saw grinning faces.

After attending the performances I read the reviews and noticed many good things shared about the specific actors in the musical with one notable exception. Jarod Bowers, who played the part of Jack Scott, also deserves recognition for his outstanding performance. He added a great deal, and while each time he appeared on stage we knew that he would say something to laugh at, we never knew exactly what.

Thank you all for great performances.

Karen Carlson
Center City


Rewarding Work

I thought Mary Bailey’s article, ‘High School Musical…Coming to Forest Lake High School,’ showed the atmosphere of a high school musical very well.

I myself attend Forest Lake High School and have been involved in theater, so I know what it takes to put on an entire production. It’s a lot of hard – but rewarding – work, and you can tell the actors are working very hard practicing their acting, singing and dancing to put on a spectacular production.

I hope Calvin Waddle’s story about regretting not joining the drama department until senior year encourages younger students to get involved in the high school’s program. I would join myself, but I am very busy and don’t have the time.

I am looking forward to attending the musical and watching my friend, Zach Marleau, who plays Chad Danforth, portray his inner-basketball superstar on that stage.

I hope the rest of Forest Lake comes out to view the musical and support the high school theater program.

Mia Leeson
Forest Lake


An Inspired Fan

I just loved the ‘High School Musical…Coming to Forest Lake’ article by Mary Bailey. It’s so neat how just one school can put all that effort into a play and make it look like a Broadway production.

I loved the part where they talked about how involved Ryan and Molly are with school plays. It’s wonderful seeing students participate in extra activities – maybe I will help with the spring play!

Jordan Kohs
Forest Lake


Wrong Game Plan

The Forest Lake football team completed a season which can best be described as embarrassing. They finished 0-9 and were out of most games by halftime.

I don’t hold the players responsible as it appeared they gave what they had.  I don’t necessarily hold the coaches responsible, even though they appeared overwhelmed. I do hold Principal Steve Massey and Activities Director Joel Olson responsible.

Several years ago, Forest Lake hired Matt Cleary, who had won a state title at a small school in Wisconsin. That hire didn’t work out too well.

After a year with an interim coach, they were again looking. This time they hired Billy Kirch, who had won state at the 9-man level in South Dakota.

Mr. Massey and Mr. Olson sought a coach who had ties to the community, could retain current players, and could recruit new players. Unfortunately, many players saw what the season would look like and opted not to play.

There is a coach residing in our community who coaches at a successful high school, volunteered as a youth coach in Forest Lake and has the respect of parents and kids. I guess he didn’t meet the criteria of winning a small-school, outstate title.

I certainly hope the program rebounds. I realize this is just year one of a new coach, but I feel the hiring formula is flawed.

I’m sure that if we win 1-2 games next year it will seem like a success, but for a school of this size, that is sad.

Sean Hanson
Forest Lake


Drawing a Crowd

Thanks to the many volunteer donors, callers and workers, the most recent Forest Lake Community Blood Drive, held in October at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, was a tremendous success!

Our goal, based on past performance, had been set by the American Red Cross at 182 units. Thanks to the good folks of Forest Lake and surrounding communities, 235 units were collected, far exceeding collections in recent memory.

We are extremely grateful not only to volunteers, but also to St. Peter’s Church and school staff for welcoming us and helping in set up and clean up.

We look forward to another successful drive in January.

Donna Mathias
FL Community Blood Drive Volunteer Coordinator


Not So Free

On Nov. 6, two girls sitting behind an acquaintance of mine in her college lecture hall were discussing who to vote for. Neither the economy, nor national debt were on the docket of debate.  What was? Birth control.

Yep, both girls decided to vote for President Obama because he was going to give them “free birth control.”

Let’s look at what else these young coeds might get for free along with their birth control and subsequent “sexual freedom.” The World Health Organization, in 2005, stated that combined hormonal oral contraceptives “are carcinogenic to humans.”

According to a study in 2006 entitled “Oral Contraceptive Use as a Risk Factor for Premenopausal Breast Cancer: a Meta-analysis”, women who use hormonal contraceptives before their first child are at a “44-percent increased risk of breast cancer.”

Dolle in 2009 found if a young woman starts using hormonal contraceptives before she is 18, there’s a “370-percent increased risk for triple-negative breast cancer.” This aggressive form of breast cancer accounts for 10-17 percent of all cases.

There are over 9 million new sexually transmitted infections each year in young people 15-24.  Over 75 percent of people with chlamydia, a bacterial infection, show no symptoms. Consequently, pelvic inflammatory disease happens in up to 40 percent of women with untreated chlamydia, and one of the complications of this disease can be infertility.

The list sadly goes on and on. Just maybe the free birth control in Obama’s health care plan isn’t so free after all.

Mary Stolz
Forest Lake


Still in Denial

After reading the FLT article listing reasons from state Republicans on why they lost in 2012, it is clear they are still living in denial.

When the GOP roared into power in the state house and senate in the 2010 elections their mantra was jobs, jobs, jobs, Instead they spent most of their legislative time working on constitutional amendments concerning social issues.

Along with these ill-advised adventures on the amendments we also got a huge increase in our property taxes and they borrowed a couple billion dollars to do a so-called balancing of the budget (try that scam on your banker).

The Republican sex scandals and not paying their bills led to the thought that not only was the state Republican Party financially bankrupt but morally bankrupt also.

Minnesotans see through all this no-compromise, partisan baloney and switched gears and voted them out and their amendments down. This should have been of no surprise to the Republican Party; they did it to themselves and as we all know, you reap what you sow.

Max Anderson

  • Judi Bruckschen

    Glad to see that Max Anderson is still alive and continuing his liberal rant – I’m sure I’m not the only one who has missed you. I am not even sure that the word “predictable” is enough to describe his most recent comments about the demise of the Republican majorities following the last elections. Same old, same old. Good news Max – you and your liberal cohorts have absolutely not excuses now… Democratic governor (who doesn’t want to follow an agreement he made with the Vikings and accuses them of not “showing all their cards” despite the fact that the seat license right was clearly set out on page 22 of the agreement Governor Dayton signed. Yep, let’s have a discussion about “morality”, Max. I’m sure Democrats haven’t had any sex scandals… Wait, there have been many – perhaps I don’t understand what the definition of what “is” is (thanks Pres. Clinton for clearing that up for us). Or maybe a male Democrat legislator having sex with an underage man at a rest station in Cloquet is simply alright in your mind. Clearly, the definition of morality must be subjective based upon the result you’d like to achieve. With respect to jobs and the economy, please inform me as to what your Governor and Democratic majority have done or plan to do. Wait, I’ll tell you – it’s called more government spending, higher taxes and more redistribution of wealth. Those who work and pay taxes will continue to pay for those who don’t – it gets worse every year. Perhaps, that’s your idea of fairness. A few of us may disagree. I wonder who voted for the Democrats who got elected on a state and national level…Perhaps those who are being carried by the government? By the demographic statistics, those would be the less financially fortunate and minorities. Continue your entitlement state mentality and see where it gets you. Where do you think the debt and deficits are coming from??? Your Democratic party has all the control now, so no more whining Max when things don’t work out. Your message was both predictable and may be seen by many as being the rants of a “sore winner”. Still whining and more of the same. As you said, “you reap what you sow”.

  • Ranger I

    Well said Judi, Max accuses the Republicans of kicking the can down the road. Now that there(Dems) in control I’m sure we the taxpayer will pay the bill and then they will make sure the next bill is 4 times higher yet. Then will the next generation put the Republicans back in? We will do it all over again? Seems like the people are confused in Minnesota? Vote conservative. Eugene Huerstel

  • max anderson


    Yep keep complaining about that darn 47% that don’t pay taxes. Of course they are mostly in the red states that voted in large numbers for your dysfunctional party.

    Yes, sorry to burst your bubble but the people that pay little or no taxes in this country are lower income folks with large families and many deductions called children, mostly in the south.

    The red states pay the least amount of taxes and get the most federal dollars back in return. Perhaps you should do a little research before spouting off about your own political demographic that supports your agenda.

  • Judi Bruckschen


    So, am I to understand that the underpriviliged (often times minorities) who statistically are far more likely to receive from the government than give to the government live in the South and generally vote Republican? Interesting proposition, but I think most would find that preposterous statement either hilarious, disturbing and quite likely racist and classist. How did the Republicans do in the urban areas Max? Pretty well?? Perhaps you should do your research before calling out others. The people who actually work for a living and pay a lion’s share of the taxes to support those who don’t would love to hear it. Take from one and give to another – it happens more and more every year. Hint for you Max, it’s unsustainable. You, being the shrewd businessman that you are should be able to grasp that simple concept.

    Maybe you and I learned different things as kids about govenment and the Constituion, but I distinctly remember something being said about this Country being founded not on the equality of result, but on the equality of opportunity. Your party and it’s march to socialism (which started with FDR and the “New Deal”) has expanded it’s reach every single year and look where it’s gotten us. No question the wealthy should pay their fair share. The middle class (or what’s left of it) are paying their fair share and then some. Perhaps we should now take a look at the elephant in the room – that nearly half the people only take and never give. I know, pretty simplistic thinking for a man of your obvious intelligence, but a lot of people are starting to think that way. Enjoy and gloat for now… Your party’s victory is going to be short lived. The worst party is, our country suffers even more in the meantime.

  • Ranger I

    Great job Judi! Eugene Huerstel