Carp barrier details finalized

DNR grant to aid project on Linwood lakes, board learns


Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

At the Linwood Town Board meeting last Tuesday, Supervisor Bob Millerbernd enthusiastically announced the final design for the group of carp barriers to be installed on the Sunrise River between Typo Lake and Martin Lake.

Minnesota DNR has approved a request for additional money to construct the carp barriers. This is $92,392 in grant dollars plus $14,300 in matching funds from Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization (SRWMO).

One big change from original plans is using screens like those selected for the southern end of Typo in the area when the Sunrise River crosses under CR-85 (Typo Creek Drive). Originally a vertical culvert, the screens will be as effective, eliminate the large pre-cast base, and be less expensive, according to Jamie Schurbon, a water resource specialist with SRWMO.

The vertical screens utilize sheet piling which does not need custom bases and is self-anchoring. Gratings will cover the top of the screens and will not require wading to clear them. They can also be removed to clear off debris. Larger, removable screens will allow larger debris to pass downstream. In addition, they can be completely opened seasonally or in an emergency if necessary.

Millerbernd told the board SRWMO needed township approval for the modifications to the carp barriers as soon as possible. Schurbon anticipates the Anoka Conservation District to be approving plans in mid-November to be advertised for bid. If a contractor can be selected in December, some of the construction can begin in winter. Funds are available to complete most of the work, but some may have to wait until 2013. Supervisors approved the action unanimously.

Other Business

Attorney Mike Haag reported on the status of a burned house. The home owner died in the fire, but debris remains in the yard, according to Kevin Tramm, building inspector. Haag said no probate has been filed although there are several children.

Haag has made several calls to family members, with no response. Haag offered legal options for the township and suggested an “order for removal.” This means that the township will arrange for the house to be razed and debris removed. Cost of the work is to be billed to the estate. The board approved this action by a vote of 5-0.

Developers of Lyons Den have been contacted about the work on road shoulders which needs to be completed. There has been no action for a month, according to Haag. The board’s unanimous decision is to hire a contractor to finish the work and assess the undeveloped lots in the development.

As of Tuesday, Nov. 13, 10 applications for the position of full-time township accountant/secretary have been received, according to town clerk Judy Hanna. The board approved a starting wage of between $17 and $20 an hour, based on experience. Interviews are to begin as soon as possible.

Supervisors approved a payment of $23,599.32 to Dirtworks, Inc. for spreading gravel on 227th Lane NE, in completion of the road project. Cost for the road surface was $19,800, according to the contract dated Sept. 10, 2012. However, the bill to deliver and spread the gravel added $3,799.32 to the cost, according to Craig Jochum, engineer. The board approved payment unanimously.

A group of Linwood residents is hosting what has recently become an annual event: a free Thanksgiving dinner at the Linwood Senior Center. For more information, contact Linwood Town Hall at (612) 464-2812.