FLHS senior honored for volunteer work

Forest Lake Area High School senior Max Hall was awarded the 2012 Excellence in Youth Volunteerism award from the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) on Nov. 8.

The annual award recognizes one young Minnesota volunteer who has distinguished accomplishments and has shown extraordinary interest in the area of volunteerism. Hall, who has documented more than 700 hours of community and volunteer service in the Forest Lake Area, received the award at the annual MAVA meeting. His mother, Nancy Ann Hall, nominated him for the award.

“MAVA was delighted to award Max Hall the Excellence in Youth Volunteerism Award,” said MAVA Executive Director Mary Quirk. “Max’s accomplishments by age 17 show a strong commitment to service and ability to lead others in service.”

Hall is an active member of several human rights organizations including the Human Rights Defense Organization, Free the Slaves and Youth for Human Rights.

He is also a volunteer for the city of Forest Lake, a member of the Forest Lake Community Emergency Response Team, and founder and president of the National Youth Rights Association Chapter of Washington County.

His guest editorial “High schoolers deserve the right to vote” was published in the Forest Lake Times in the Sept. 20 issue.

At Forest Lake High, Hall is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars due to his outstanding academic achievement. The announcement was made Aug. 8 by NSHSS Founder and Chairman Claes Nobel, a member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes.

He is also a three-year member of the Forest Lake Senior High School Debate Team and team captain this year.

In February 2013 Hall will attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security, where the topic will be “Exploring American Diplomacy, Intelligence, and Defense.”