Anoka County seeks to split election costs

Columbus, ISD 831 among those involved


Paul Rignell
Columbus Reporter

Columbus council members voted Nov. 28 to enter the city in a new joint powers agreement with Anoka County and its other cities and townships, as well as school districts, to outline shared costs for the ownership and operation of election equipment.

In a proposed four-year partnership that would begin in 2013 and then be renewable annually starting Jan. 1, 2017, Anoka County would pay 55 percent of costs, its 21 cities and townships would divide a 30-percent share and a total of nine school districts with land in the county would combine to cover 15 percent.

Each city, township or school district obligation would be relative to others based on 2010 census populations. Based on those numbers, Columbus has 1.2 percent of the county’s population and would pay $3,196 in estimated election costs from 2013 through 2016. Linwood has 1.5 percent of the county’s residents and would owe $4,183 through the four years.

Forest Lake School District 831 includes 4.6 percent of Anoka County’s residents, and would owe an estimated share of $6,219 through 2016.