Linwood adjusts liability coverage

Township secretary pool narrowed to four applicants


Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

Linwood supervisors voted on Nov. 27 to increase requirements for general liability insurance coverage for contractors working in Linwood Township. Board member Mike Halliday reviewed the insurance certificates currently on file, contacted the Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT) about coverage, and consulted Chris Sauro, insurance agent for the township.

Halliday noted there have been no adjustments since 1999, when the township was following the MAT guidelines. At the time the minimum insurance requirement was $300,000, but this has since risen to $1.5 million.

Supervisors unanimously approved increases in requirements for liability coverage for contractors working in Linwood to $1.5 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate.  Rationale for the increase is to be certain contractors are adequately covered for accidents; otherwise the township and its insurance coverage would be liable for shortfalls.  The change is effective Jan. 1.

Carp Barrier Update

Contractors are in the process of bidding on the carp barriers which are to be installed in the section of the Sunrise River which flows through Linwood Township. A pre-bid meeting was held Dec. 4, along with a tour of the four sites selected for barrier placement.

Bob Millerbernd brought the news of the schedule to the Linwood Board meeting last Tuesday. Sites have been selected with the intent of interrupting carp migration between Martin and Typo Lakes, thus interfering with the breeding cycle of the fish.

A meeting is also to be scheduled with the “Martin Lakers,” an association of residents who live around the lake to bring them up to speed on the plans.

Millerbernd noted there are varying road widths where the culverts cross under the roads. The Anoka Conservation District and the Anoka County Highway Department must reach an agreement about installation of guard rails on narrower roads. The township will assume ownership of the barriers and maintain them.

Personnel Moves

The board unanimously accepted a letter of resignation from Frank Kvidera from his position on the township Planning and Zoning Commission. Kvidera has been a long-time member of the commission. In his words, “my connection with Road and Bridge will stay as long as I can for there is plenty more to be done with that respect.”

Judy Hanna reported 34 applicants have applied for the position of secretary/accountant. The highest score of those interviewed was 85 out of 100 points. Collectively applicants have wide variety of accounting and secretarial experience, according to Hanna.

The pool of applicants has been narrowed down to four finalists. Interviews are being held this week and the board hopes the new hire will be able to step into the position as soon as possible. If not, there may be an interim replacement.

Other Business

Linwood supervisors approved a conforming land division for Sandy Navin. This action clears up a request originally made in 2008, but never completed.  The action combined the parcel with another belonging to Navin’s daughter, according to the Planning and Zoning minutes. The board approved the property adjustment unanimously.

Attorney Mike Haag is to prepare the Joint Powers Agreement in which Linwood will purchase election equipment.

The township’s second annual skating party is scheduled for 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 13, at the skating rink in Four Seasons Park. The rink is directly behind the Linwood town hall.