Council debates vehicle replacement

Request for Wyoming PD passes after much discussion


Alice Pickering
Wyoming Reporter

After long discussion last Tuesday, the Wyoming City Council approved the purchase of two squad cars in 2013. Both were purchased in 2010 and have logged over 100,000 miles.

Paul Hoppe, public safety director recommended replacing them with 2013 Ford police pursuit utility vehicles. Of particular importance is adding versatility to the police fleet. Considering the fleet management program, Hoppe anticipated 40,000 miles a year for each vehicle. All-wheel drive, higher ground clearance and towing ability worked are advantages in the Ford model.

Cost of each vehicle is $32,019, counting a 100,000 mile/three-year warranty and specific features.

Linda Yeager, council member, questioned the need for the warranty protection on new vehicles. Hoppe said the department tracks maintenance records for the units, and costs begin to increase substantially as the vehicles approach 100,000-mile mark, and police pursuit/patrol cars are not driven like usual cars.  He estimated at each 20,000 miles the maintenance costs double.  In addition, at close to 100,000 miles, the auction prices are better than if the department holds onto the cars.

According to plans proposed, one of the vehicles retired will be reassigned to the Police Reserve Program, and the other will to be sold at public auction, with proceeds going into the city’s General Fund.,

The council unanimously approved the $68,038 purchase. The Capital Fund for the purchase is $14,038 short, so this amount will come from the Police Forfeiture Fund.

Other Business

The council unanimously granted licenses for three waste haulers to operate in the city during 2013, but before final action, there was discussion about the wisdom of have a contract haulers or considering bids for service.

The main concern is the limiting the number of trips by heavy trucks on the city’s streets. The city is in the process of taking soil borings in the streets.  Some are only certified to four tons. When these are reconstructed, they will be as city standards. There will be more discussions about considering bids or district service into the next year.

The council accepted a donation from the Hallberg Family Foundation in the amount of $4,464 to the Wyoming Public Safety Department. The money will be applied toward the purchase of two automated external defibrillators for the department, as it begins its replacement schedule of this equipment. Approval was unanimous.

Joe Zerwas brought a report from the Budget Committee of the Chisago Lakes Joint Sewer Commission, which indicates a $51,000 budget shortfall. The CLJSC will be increasing rates to cities from $2.65 to $2.85 per 1000 gallons. In two of the odor control towers, along the sewer main, the filters are failing and need replacement. The cost for this work $5,860 plus tax.

In other business, the council re-scheduled the first meeting next month from Tuesday, Jan. 1 to Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013. It also learned that the skating and hockey rink is open for the season.