Open Forum for week of Jan. 10

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Who Would Win?

I attended the public hearing of the Scandia Planning Commission on Tuesday night, Dec. 4, regarding the Zavoral/Tiller plans to reopen the gravel pit at the intersection of highways 97 and 95 in Scandia.

A representative of the Zavoral/Tiller entity spoke during their presentation saying (and I quote exactly) this is or can be a “win-win all around.”

Win implies gain and begs the following questions:

What do I win? What do Scandia and its residents win? What does the St. Croix River win? What does the groundwater win? What does the trout stream win? What do the flora and fauna win? What does our air win? What do the pits nearby residents win? What do our roads and drivers win? What do our property values win?

I think I know what Zavoral/Tiller and their legal representatives win.

The Scandia City Council needs to thoughtfully weigh the “wins.” They are not equal.

The “winning” facts will say, no CUP for Tiller.

Becky Glesne


Input Needed

I am the fifth generation of my family to live here in Forest Lake. My father, his brothers and their father all grew up and settled in Forest Lake.  I also have grown up here and would like to settle here someday.

So when a decision about something important, a decision that could either strengthen the community or weaken it – a decision like the Johnson Project for the Northland Mall is at hand, I think the people who make up the community should have a say in this decision.

This community input is especially important when not just one million, but millions of dollars are at stake. Nor is that all that is at stake, but something far more important. This being, the public good and the opinions of the people of Forest Lake.

The people, the families of Forest Lake, should be allowed to vote on the Johnson Project for the Northland Mall. This decision should not be taken lightly, for not only does it affect this generation but my generation and the many generations to come.

Katie Jo Taylor
Forest Lake


Call for Conversation

In the last several weeks T.W. Budig has written several articles in the Times about the upcoming legislative session. One article focused mainly on Sen. Marty talking about quickly pushing through a same-sex marriage law basically because Obama has been elected and he was an outspoken supporter of same-sex marriage, so everyone must think it’s a good thing. Plus, voters did not vote for the marriage amendment so once again that is a green light to go ahead: “bulldozer politics.”

This attitude of Marty and perhaps other politicians is not only erroneous, arrogant and dangerous, it’s downright un-American. I know plenty of people who voted for Obama who don’t believe in same-sex marriage. They voted for a variety of reasons, including immigration laws, pressure from their labor union and the belief that the Obama administration would continue to support their current financial benefit that they receive from the government.

Through the whole of the election season I never heard any real “conversation” about the impact of same-sex marriage on society. The redefinition of marriage in Europe and Canada has had a toll on marriage rates and stability as well as religious freedom and children’s well-being.

Scientific research is available to have an intelligent debate and “conversation” about same-sex marriage, but will it happen or will an agenda be quickly forced upon us Minnesotans?

Mary Stolz
Forest Lake


It’s Your Money

Sewer customers: The City of Forest Lake received $1,181,672.74 from the Met Council for “overcharging” due to a defective metering device.

This refund belongs to the customers/residents who paid the fees, but they will never see a dime of this million-plus.

The monies have been deposited into a “city account” for future expenses. The next council meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 14 at City Hall.

It will be interesting to see if anyone will attend to voice their concerns about this injustice. Is there a real Forest Lake community?

Elvin Norby
Forest Lake