Montzka to chair Chisago board

The Chisago County Board of Commissioners has voted to elect Commission Ben Montzka of Stacy as board chair for 2013. Action came during the board’s annual organizational meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 8 in Center City.

“I am looking forward to working with the board in 2013 to continue to set fair and equitable policies for the provision of important county services in the face of difficult economic times,” Montzka said in a release.

Montzka said it is his goal to work to deliver needed county services while making sure property tax dollars are used wisely. Montzka, who was first elected to the Chisago County Board in 1998, is the senior member of the board.

As 2012 came to a close, Montzka said the county board took action to reduce its local property tax levy by approximately 1 percent from the 2011 levy. The 2012 levy is for taxes the county will collect in 2013.

“The county board will continue to work hard to provide local services in the face of funding cuts,” Montzka said.

Montzka represents the communities of Wyoming and Stacy.


“As county board chair, I look forward to working with each of the members of our board to meet the many challenges that, no doubt, will come up in this new year,” he said in a statement.

“I want to thank Commissioner George McMahon for his service to our county last year as county board chair. We will need to follow Commissioner McMahon’s lead and continue to be creative in coming up with new ways of conducting the county’s business.

“We anticipate that we will need to address an ongoing tough financial climate. We need to support commercial and industrial development that provides measurable benefits for our community. We should continue to support environmental protection as our county explores additional commercial growth.

“We live in a great county. I am confident that with God’s help, this board and our community will be equal to any challenge that we face this year.”

The 14-year elected official is an attorney in private life. He owns Montzka Legal Services in Wyoming.