Citizen group to host school funding forum

If you live in Forest Lake, have a house valued at $100,000, and are paying a maximum school district levy of $1,633 per student, your cost is $364. If you live in Hopkins, same home value, same levy, your cost is $153.

The state formula that allows this disparity has not been adjusted since 1993. Some folks would like to change that.

Citizens United for Public School 831 (CUPS), with District 831 staff, will host its second annual legislative forum at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 21 at Vannelli’s, 55 South Lake St. in Forest Lake.

All eight state legislators whose districts include Forest Lake area schools have been invited to attend. There will be a presentation and a chance to direct questions at district staff and at legislators.

CUPS 831 is chartered to educate the public about school funding and to advocate for equitable and fair funding at the state legislature.

To taste a preview, you might want to watch the Capitol Pizza video at

  • Eric Langness

    The best way to reduce the homeowners cost of a levy is to promote more businesses into the district. Business property taxes offset the burden to the homeowner significantly more in Hopkins.

  • Phil Fishman

    Everything Mr. Langness said in his response was true. Unfortunately, that is not what is going to happen. Increase property taxes and have a school district referendum every fall. We are good at that. Somebody has to pay for the new City Center and the never ending requests for more money for education.