Prescription aid in Anoka County

Residents of Anoka County should watch their mailbox for a prescription drug discount card from the county in partnership with ProAct, Inc. The card provides discounts up to 20 percent on brand name medications and up to 50 percent discounts on generic medications. Residents can also save on expenses such as pet prescriptions and laser eye surgery.

“The discount card is specifically for residents who do not have prescription drug coverage. All Anoka County residents, regardless of age or income can use the card,” said Anoka County Board of Commissioners Chair Rhonda Sivarajah.

There are no enrollment forms, membership fees, or income requirements. Learn more at The cards are ready to use and are pre-activated. The cards cannot be used in conjunction with another insurance carrier. For more information, contact ProAct, Inc. at 1-877-776-2285 or visit