Corrections officer commended

Forest Lake man responded quickly to hostage situation


Shane Warnke
Shane Warnke

On Oct. 12, one week to the day after completing critical incident training, Stillwater corrections officer and Forest Lake resident Shane Warnke used his new skills to defuse a potentially deadly situation at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Warnke was providing security for an offender during a hospital visit.

While there, staff called him to the room of a patient who was threatening a hospital employee with a pair of scissors.

“By sheer chance, I happened to be down there working,” Warnke said. “The nursing assistant was being held hostage, and deadly force was present.”

A pair of scizzors to the jugular vein, he said, is serious.

The patient lunged at him twice, but Warnke was able to establish a dialogue. After a couple minutes, the patient agreed to drop the scissors and free the employee.

Warnke received a letter of commendation from his employer, the Minnesota Department of Corrections, for successfully quelling a hostage situation.

Has he needed the critical incident training since then?

“I use it about every day at work,” he said.

  • Patricia Flor

    Thank God that Shane Warnke was there at the right time to save a life…..His voice was his shield that helped save that nurse….He deserves lots of recognition and lots of pats on the back for his heroic deed. Way to go Shane..we need more like you in this world.. You have set a great example.

  • Susan Churchill

    One more for the “good guys”! God Bless you Shane and may he keep you safe everyday as you do your job.

  • Tom McShea

    Nice work Shane! Thanks for your service!!