Lawsuit a stand for freedom

Cameron Piper
Guest Writer

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a citizen to challenge the authority of a government instituted over them, great care and consideration must be taken to determine the true motives behind such an action. My wife and I have spent the past months talking, reflecting, and preparing for just such a day and after much deliberation we have decided to move ahead in filing suit against the City of Forest Lake.

Before the critics of this lawsuit are able to accuse us of stalling the inevitable or maligning the good reputation of our elected officials, I would like to ask my fellow citizens to consider the magnitude of what took place in our city over the past few months. I want you to ask yourself whether this is the government that our framers fought for. Whether this is the government that you envision regulating the interactions of your children and grandchildren.

We are a country that was founded on the revolutionary idea of freedom and the rights of the individual. Our founding fathers committed treasonous acts and took up arms against the most powerful government on the planet to ensure that this experiment would be given the opportunity to thrive.

We citizens of Forest Lake stand here today at a crossroads. We have a path to choose moving ahead, but we must not be deceived when making this choice as the alternatives are distinctly divergent ideas.  In one direction we can begin to take back our government and fight against the erosion of our freedoms and rights, or in the opposite direction we can sit back and let the status quo yield an impotent electorate under the rule of a quasi-totalitarian leadership.

The Northland Mall project was specifically designed by our representatives to usurp the power of the sovereign people. Attempting to exploit a loophole in statute, our mayor, administrator, the majority of city council and EDA members endeavored to bypass the will of the people and to move forward a project that they knew would not be popular.  Therefore the aim of this lawsuit is to put the power back into the people’s hands by forcing the City of Forest Lake to affirm the lawful petition that its citizens brought forth, ultimately bringing this project to a referendum vote.

–The writer lives in Forest Lake.