FL woman faces felony charges after traffic stop

Rachel Kytonen
Isanti County News

A traffic stop in southwestern Isanti County resulted in felony drug charges filed against three individuals.

Heidi Ramon Rehbein, 35, of Forest Lake, Kathleen Ann Hagemeister, 50, of Princeton, and Craig Laurence Johnson, 33, of Princeton, were charged before Judge Todd Schoffelman on Wednesday, Feb. 6, in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge.

All three were charged with felony second-degree drug possession and felony fifth-degree drug possession. In addition, Rehbein was charged with misdemeanor giving a peace officer false name/birthdate/ID card and Hagemeister was charged with misdemeanor traffic regulation-rear lamps required on all motor vehicles.

Bail for Rehbein was set at $150,000 without conditions or $75,000 with conditions; Hagemeister, $40,000 without conditions or $20,000 with conditions and Johnson, $80,000 without conditions or $40,000 with conditions.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Sunday, Feb. 3, at 11:45 p.m., Isanti County Deputy Jonathan VanderVegt was on routine patrol in the area of 3591 261st Ave. NW, when he observed a pickup travelling eastbound towing a car dolly with a Nissan on it. There were not any hazard or tail lights on the trailer, and the vehicle was completely dark at the rear of the trailer.

VanderVegt pulled over the vehicle and as he approached, he observed the electrical wiring for the trailer was not hooked up. Inside the vehicle was the driver Hagemeister, along with passengers Rehbein and Johnson.

VanderVegt spoke to Hagemeister and Johnson about their activities throughout the day. VanderVegt became concerned criminal activity was taking place due to inconsistencies in their stories and Johnson’s nervous behavior. VanderVegt had also observed the word “drugs” in a text message on Johnson’s cell phone.

VanderVegt removed his K9 Kojak from his vehicle who is a trained and certified dual purpose patrol dog and narcotic detection dog. He is certified in the detection of odors of marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. Kojak picked up on odors on the driver’s side door of the pick-up and the driver’s side door of the Nissan.

During a search, VanderVegt found a marijuana pipe with a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana in the Nissan. He also found an empty hypodermic needle and another hypodermic needed that was loaded with a clear liquid substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

In the pickup, VanderVegt found a purse that contained a methamphetamine pipe full of white residue, and a large amount of cash, with Hagemeister admitting the purse was hers. Also in the pick-up, VanderVegt located a plastic bag that contained a digital scale and lots of bindle needles. He also found three hypodermic needles inside the passenger door.

VanderVegt also learned that Rehbein initially told officers she was someone else, and had a felony warrant out for her arrest.

When VanderVegt opened the methamphetamine kit found under the driver’s side of the vehicle, he found a scale with two bindle bags that contained many other bindle bags as well as six hypodermic needed and four plastic Ziploc baggies that contained a crystal-like substance consistent with methamphetamine that weighed slightly over 23 grams.

The complaint noted that Rehbein has prior convictions for felony 5th degree controlled substance in Isanti County from December 1997 and August 2006. Johnson has a prior conviction of felony 5th degree controlled substance in Kanabec County from October 2002.