Meth, cash in spades uncovered during arrest on Second Lake

Clint Riese
News Editor

A former Forest Lake resident is facing four charges stemming from his arrest last Thursday on Second Lake.

FLPD uncovered this large stash of narcotics and cash during an arrest on the ice of Forest Lake last week. (Photo courtesy of FLPD)
FLPD uncovered this large stash of narcotics and cash during an arrest on the ice of Forest Lake last week. (Photo courtesy of FLPD)

Forest Lake police arrested Larry Roy Kiefat, 42, of St. Paul after an officer patrolling the lake found him slumped over at the wheel around 7:40 a.m. An investigation led police to believe Kiefat drove while intoxicated, said Capt. Greg Weiss. They also found 1.25 ounces of methamphetamine, which Weiss called a substantial amount worth approximately $5,000-$7,000 on the street. Police also found Kiefat to be in possession of $4,200 in cash and paraphernalia in the form of drug packaging materials, Weiss said.

Kiefat has been charged with driving while intoxicated, driving after revocation and first-degree possession of a controlled substance. He also was charged with first-degree criminal damage to property for damaging a squad car after his arrest.

The department has made patrolling the ice a regular duty in recent years, Weiss said.

“People like that we’re out there,” he said. “Considering the amount of ice houses, we have a very few amount of break-ins.”

Patrol Car Hit

Another FLPD squad car was damaged the next morning, Feb. 22, on Interstate 35. An officer had pulled over near the S-curve by Clear Lake to assist with a one-car crash. While parked off to the left side of the south-bound lanes, near the median, the squad car took a glancing blow from a car that had lost control in the slippery conditions.

The car then continued to the left, smashed into the median wall and slid to a stop in front of the police car. The officer was in his car at the time of contact. Neither he nor the other driver were hurt.

Weiss said the officer could easily have been outside of his vehicle, so the close call is a good reminder to slow down when conditions are hazardous.

Interstate Arrest

Police were back out at the same spot on I-35 Tuesday morning in response to a non-life-threatening accident involving a semi and a car.

While directing traffic around the crash, a FLPD officer found a male passed out at the wheel of a vehicle parked on the shoulder of the road. Weiss said the driver, a 32-year-old Hutchinson man, was arrested for driving while under the influence of a controlled substance and for fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance.

Vehicle Break-ins

FLPD received a rash of theft from vehicle reports over the weekend in southeast Forest Lake.

In response, police issued 84 crime prevention cards to vulnerable vehicles this Monday night, only to get six additional reports of break-ins Tuesday morning. Detective Ashley LaValle said officers Monday night noticed keys in ignitions and valuables sitting in plain sight. She urges all residents to lock up.