Girl Scout sells 1,000 boxes of cookies

FR_teaser for page 1Second-grader Chloe Bastyr had a big idea: She would sell 800 boxes of cookies for Lino Lakes Troop 55010.

Her mom thought it would be wise to order 400 instead.

Every year the organization launches the cookie fund-raiser that teaches young girls to interact with the public.

And interact she did!

On the first day, Feb. 2, Chloe went door-to-door on her street, spending almost three hours in 0° weather.

When the first 400 boxes were sold, Chloe and her mom, Katrina Bastyr, went back for more.

And more.

Chloe called local businesses for permission to sell.

She showed up at community events.

Katrina kept a transport dolly in her van to carry all the cookies.

By March 9, the end date for their troop, Chloe had sold 949 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and received enough cash donations to buy 64 more boxes. People who gave cash told her, “Buy yourself a box of cookies.”

Instead, the 64 boxes will go to a local nursing home.

About 70 percent of the proceeds from selling Girl Scout cookies goes to the local council, in this case the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys, headquartered in St. Paul. The rest goes to pay the baker.

Some of the cookie money comes back to the local troop: If the troop as a whole sells an average of 150 boxes of cookies per child, the troop account then gets $0.71 per box.

  • R.A.W.

    Congratulations Chloe on this wonderful accomplishment! Your generous donation of the extra boxes to a local nursing home was a sweet and thoughtful action. Hard work, combined with kindness is a wonderful characteristic to have- you are a very special girl. How many will you sell and donate next year? :) Keep it up- and enjoy the rewards with your fellow girl scouts.

  • Karen Janus

    Chloe, I work with your Grandma, Deb Bastyr. She shared your wonderful accomplishment with me. You should be very proud of yourself. When I heard your goal was 800 boxes I thought how ambitious. I bet no one has sold that many and you proved me wrong. You went above and beyond. CONGRATULATIONS! You are a very unique and special young lady.