Open Forum for week of March 21

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True Motivation?

There is nothing more patriotic than voting, yet Mr. Mark Finnemann’s letter to the editor last week decried the efforts of those who have had to file a lawsuit simply to retain their right to something as foundational as a vote.

Specifically he stated that voting on the Northland Mall project, because it would not have passed, would “only have dead-ended any hope for progress.”

He also accused the citizens in this city of being ignorant (“traditionally uniformed majority”) and in so doing insinuated that we are incapable of knowing what is best for ourselves and our families. Of course Mr. Finnemann would benevolently dictate that to us because as a “progressive” he knows better.

However Mr. Finnemann’s true motivations for originally proposing and driving forward the Northland Mall project were revealed on Nov. 15, 2012 when he tendered his resignation to the Forest Lake EDA. This resignation came one day after I met with the City Administrator, Aaron Parrish, regarding my concerns over an apparent conflict between the EDA’s By-Laws, which state that no member may financially benefit from an EDA project, and Mr. Finnemann’s recently awarded architectural contract to conduct a space needs analysis for the municipal campus.

While Mr. Finnemann would have you believe that he is simply concerned with the future or our city, when faced with deciding between financial gain and continuing to volunteer his “40 years of experience in progressive development”, Mr. Finnemann chose the money.

Cameron Piper
Forest Lake