Giesner to attend Naval Academy seminar

Derek Giesner has been accepted to Naval Academy Summer Seminar in Annapolis, Md. from June 8 to 13.

A junior who plays football at Forest Lake Area High School, Derek also trains at Acceleration North in Arden Hills.

The United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar is a fast-paced, six-day experience for high achievers who have completed their junior year in high school.

Summer Seminar teaches about life at the Naval Academy and its emphasis on academics, athletics, and professional training.

Students who are interested in pursuing an appointment to one of the nation’s service academies are urged to apply.

During the six-day session, students live in Bancroft Hall, the dormitory for Academy midshipmen.

They eat in the dining hall and participate in academic, athletic, extracurricular activities and leadership training programs.

Each student attends eight 90-minute academic workshops chosen from a list of 20. They are information technology, naval architecture, mechanical engineering, ocean engineering, aerospace flight testing, systems engineering, microcomputer design, seamanship and navigation, yard patrol craft cruise, ethics and character development, oceanography, mathematics, history, meteorology, literature, chemistry, political science, language studies, martial arts and economics.

Special events include the U.S. Marine Corps Sunset Parade at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington D.C., career opportunity presentations by Navy and Marine Corps officers, sea trials, and a mock plebe indoctrination session.