‘We’re here to celebrate’

Students sing "How could anyone ever tell you that you're anything less than beautiful?" by Libby Roderick.
Students sing “How could anyone ever tell you that you’re anything less than beautiful?” by Libby Roderick.


Montessori school named a Minnesota School of Excellence

Since it started in 1992, Central Montessori Elementary has filled a special role in the line-up of Forest Lake schools.

Families from across the district choose to send their children here for a different experience.

The school is divided in multi-grade groupings, with students in grades 1-3 or grades 4-6. This lets them continue with the same teacher and many of the same classmates for several years.

In 2012, Central Montessori Elementary became the first Montessori school to be named a Minnesota School of Excellence by the Minnesota Elementary Principals’ Association.

Every elementary school in Independent School District 831 has now received this award.

The community turned out on Friday, March 22, to celebrate the occasion.

Central Montessori Principal Kelly Lessman said the school has been housed in the Central Learning Center for 13 years.

Superintendent Linda Madsen talked of the challenge in developing a sense of community in such a large district, and how staff and parents strive to meet this challenge.

Other speakers were Rep. Bob Dettmer and Sen. Karin Housley, Forest Lake Mayor Chris Johnson, School Board President Rob Raphael, and staff from the offices of Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar,

Laura Pierce of the principals’ association presented the award.