FLHS grad finds business success

NW_SutherlandMary Bailey
Community Editor

When Katy Vejtruba graduated from Forest Lake High School in 1998, she had been the business editor of the yearbook for two years.

She credits that experience with helping her achieve her current success as president and CEO of Enterprise Mobility Management.

Katy was also captain of the high school football, basketball and soccer cheerleading squads—leadership positions that helped prepare her for later roles.

But she singles out her yearbook role of negotiating with hometown businesses for advertising space.

“It taught me to talk to businesses at an early age,” she said.

Now known as Kathryn Sutherland, the business owner has five employees and an office in the Medical Arts Building in Minneapolis.

Enterprise Mobility Management contracts with U.S. corporations to manage their cell phone use.

Working with carriers Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, her firm processes orders, receives the new wireless devices and kits them, and deploys them to the end user with set-up documents in place.

Then they oversee the billing to help the corporations increase revenue and decrease costs.

“We process the billing information for thousands of accounts,” Sutherland explained. “We run usage reports. Are they on the right plan to save money?”

By analyzing how each individual uses his or her cell phone, she said, her company can match the specific needs with the best cost for that service.

Does the user travel internationally? Does she share an Internet connection with a laptop? “We cater on an individual level,” she said.

Sutherland got her start while a business student at St. Cloud State, working as a telemarketer in the collections department at Fingerhut. She became a training coordinator, teaching new hires and providing ongoing training for seasoned reps.

After that she spent 10 years as office manager for Quantum Wireless Advisors, a telecommunications company.

A high school class in bookkeeping, she said, was incredibly helpful for that job.

“I had to wear a million different hats. It was one of the best experiences of my career,” she said.

Before becoming office manager, she started in telemarketing and then was promoted to dispatcher for the delivery drivers. “I saw how a small business works,” she said.

After learning the business, she helped to open new offices, including setting up an LTD in Canada.

She now contracts with Quantum Wireless Advisors to provide cellphone management services to 3M.

“We are with all of the carriers,” she explained. “It’s unlikely to see a representative on the carrier side meet with 3M, willing to cut any of their costs. I’m not tied to any carrier.”

Now looking to expand, Sutherland has partnered with Visage Mobile to use their software, MobilityCentral, to help companies hold their bottom lines and streamline their enterprise business.

And now she’s looking for clients from the public sector. A county, school district or other government agency may have some cell phone users who buy their own plans and are reimbursed. She can help reduce those costs, too, she said, with her focus on usage analysis.