Forest Lake student is finalist in Miss Minnesota Pageant

COM_Lexi SchaulsNine-year-old Lexi Schauls will represent Forest Lake as a state finalist in the National American Miss Minnesota Pageant on June 1 and 2 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bloomington.

Lexi, a student at St. Peter’s Elementary, will participate in the pre-teen division.

The winner of the pageant will receive a $1,000 cash award, the official title, crown, and banner for the state of Minnesota, and air transportation to compete in the National Pageant in California.

Lexi attended open call at St. Cloud, one of seven regional competitions. She was judged based on her excitement, natural beauty (no makeup allowed), community service and response to interview questions.

Of 1,800 Minnesota girls interviewed, 125 were selected as finalists.

The National American Miss Pageants are dedicated to celebrating America’s future leaders and equipping them with life-long skills. Each year the pageant nationally awards $1.5 million dollars in cash, scholarships and other prizes.

All activities and competitions are age-appropriate. Girls under 12 are not allowed to wear make-up, and there is no swimsuit competition.

The program is based on inner beauty, poise and presentation, with emphasis on developing self-confidence, learning good sportsmanship, and achieving personal goals.

Lexi’s activities include tennis, swimming, snowboarding, and cheerleading.  She enjoys community service, boating, trips to Florida and Wisconsin, reading, crafting, and hanging out with friends.