Open Forum for week of April 18

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Not Confident

I find it hard to get excited about building plans for Forest Lake schools. The last opportunity we had to address facility needs came with the construction of Century Junior High. There was an opportunity to build a suitable track, but no lights are installed so you can scratch that idea. Soccer field, oops no money for sprinkler system so another target missed. New swimming pool, not in the cards. Football stadium, not today. In other words, just a pile of bricks dropped into the horse pasture across from the high school.

Then to make it exciting, the traffic patterns are devised like all other schools in the district to restrict bus, car, and pedestrian traffic to exactly the same locations at the start and end of every school day. As a parent you get to experience gridlock around every school for grades K-12. And that is just outside the school. Inside the schools I stood at every concert, or graduation for 27 years while my kids attended school here.

So now we should increase the density of students in a high school area that is already unmanageable due to poor parking, traffic flow, lack of fields, facilities, and assume that the same mistakes or compromises will not be made. Somebody please tell me that any thought will be put into a facility that can host at least one homecoming, graduation, sporting event, or school day, and get people into and out of the parking lot without getting someone killed.

Mike Carter
Lino Lakes


Presidential Priorities?

Is it me or does it seem the boy king president is in a never ending presidential campaign?

More disturbing than his total lack of leadership is his macabre use of Sandy Hook victims to “convince” the rest of us to surrender our Second Amendment rights. What a ghoulish thing to do…bring grieving parents and siblings of murdered children onto a stage and lament that he must work within the confines the founders established. His mere mentioning of the desire to circumvent the Constitution should raise the hairs or your neck.

None of the proposals the President is advocating would have stopped Sandy Hook, or Aurora. It would be more useful for him to advocate banning hammers and clubs for they kill more people annually than dreaded assault rifles. Why don’t we wring our hands after each drunk driving death and pine for perpetual regulators like Senator Klobuchar to ban cars or ban alcohol? With drunk driving, we punish people for breaking laws already on the books. For some reason it is different with gun crimes…These crimes can be reduced only by infringing on the rights of millions of law-abiding citizens.

I have not heard a word out of Washington or St. Paul about mental illness or violent video games or the utter hypocrisy coming out of gun-crazy Hollywood. It makes me wonder if there is some ulterior motive for gun-grabbing politicians. Perhaps the boy king should park Air Force One for a while and lead from the Oval Office.

Brad Ziernicki


Sad Juxtaposition

Driving north on 35E just before Forest Lake, one cannot help see the slew of typical billboards. Recently two of them stood out to me as very interesting social commentary on our view of life.

One of the first boards displays a beautiful newborn baby along with the caption, “Life begins at conception.” Three billboards later is an ad for the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Its caption: “Come to life.” Although their proximity was unlikely planned, these billboards provide a sad juxtaposition on how Americans view life.

In the baby billboard we see the fragility and simplicity of life. In the Colorado billboard, apparently life doesn’t begin until you ski the Rocky Mountains. In the baby billboard, we see the innocence of a new human being, while according to the Colorado sign, you’re not living unless you are entertaining yourself at a pricey resort with expensive ski wear.

Too often Americans say they can’t afford another baby in their family and then resort to abortion to save their budgets, yet somehow they still manage to find the money for luxurious vacations, recreational toys, vanity “needs,” and disposable clothing.

The irony is of course that if you are aborted, you will never get to experience the beauty of the Rockies and its glorious meaning. There is much more to life than entertaining oneself at the expense of the innocent. While life often is what you make of it, life is when you make it. In making life, it brings you to life.

Kelly Wing


About the Benjamins

For many years I believed that the issue of firearms ownership and the possible limitation of them was an overblown subject promoted by corporations and groups to drive up sales. But the real icing on the cake is the sudden shortage of ammunition.

The controlled scarcity and doubling, tripling and quadrupling of prices has been in my opinion twofold. Of course hoarding is one and the other is greed of the manufacturers.

As a Second Amendment supporter I realized long ago that the scare words “gun control” was all about one thing. No, not the Second Amendment, it’s about the money.

The real threat to owners of firearms is the control of ammunition being done by the manufactures. Try buying handgun ammunition, the little of it that is available out there has been priced so high that even the hoarders are getting wary.

I call this action on the part of these groups and corporations gun control.

Think about it, those that control things like fuel, food and ammunition control America, what use is a car if you cannot get fuel and what use are firearms if you can’t get ammunition?

This is the thanks the ammunition industry gives to all their loyal supporters over the years, a false shortage and inflated prices. I guess it really is all about the Benjamins.

Max Anderson


Proud of Trails

Many area residents who drive on highways 8, 65 and I-35 in the winter see snowmobile trailers heading north at the start of each weekend and then heading back south at the end of the weekend. These snowmobilers are heading to some of the great trails in northern Minnesota.

We are lucky in our area we don’t have to load sleds on trailers and drive hundreds of miles to get to great trails. We have them right here! Thanks to the hard work of area snowmobile clubs and generous land owners who allow trails over their property we have great snowmobiling right at our doorstep.

We can ditch ride for a mile from our place in Sunrise and hit trails where we can ride for literally hundreds of miles. If someone wants they can cross over to Wisconsin at the Sunrise Landing and go for hundreds of miles in Wisconsin.

These trails don’t happen by themselves, the snowmobile clubs put in hundreds of hours laying out routes, clearing trails, grooming trails and probably most important getting landowner permission for the trail to be on their land.

Perhaps all snowmobilers owe their biggest thanks to the landowners who open their land to the trails. The trails are amazing from curving trails through woodlands to open fields where you can see such beautiful lands right in our area. It’s a wonderful network of trails and I offer my thanks to the clubs and landowners who make it all happen.

Rick Olseen
Sunrise Township