Anoka County offers well water testing

The Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services (CHES) Department, in cooperation with 13 municipalities, is sponsoring the 14th annual Well Water Wise “3W” promotion May 6-10 to encourage residents to check the safety of their private well water.

Locally, county residents may pick up a well water test kit at Columbus City Hall, 16319 Kettle River Blvd. NE, and Linwood Township Hall, 22817 Typo Creek Drive NE.

The well water testing kit includes details about water collection and submission. A laboratory fee of $30 will be charged for analysis.

Residents are encouraged to perform an annual sanitary analysis to determine the concentration of nitrate-nitrogen and the presence of coliform bacteria in their drinking water supply. Unlike public water utilities, private well water is not treated with chlorine to prevent bacteria growth. Nitrogen can seep into private wells from a variety of sources including septic systems, nitrogen fertilizers, animal feedlots, and landfills. The testing of private wells used for drinking water is the responsibility of individual owners.

The CHES department also can provide analyses for arsenic, lead, fluoride, iron, chloride, and total hardness. For more information about well water testing, call the Environmental Services Unit at 763-422-7063.