Open Forum for week of May 16

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Needing a Do-Over

The citizens of Wyoming need a do-over on the 2012 election and vote Linda Nanko-Yeager out of office.

At the May 7 City Council meeting, Councilwoman Nanko-Yeager decided to take it upon herself to ignore the will of the people and vote no on the street reconstruction bonding issue.

Even citizens who voiced their appreciation for her past efforts at fiscal responsibility agreed that bonding was the best option. Still she ignored them and all the other citizens in attendance who implored her to vote yes on the bonding. It is her responsibility as a public official to work as a representative of the people, thus overall public opinion should take precedence over her personal opinion.

The citizens of Wyoming are no longer being represented by someone who takes their views into consideration, and instead continues to push her own agenda, making it very difficult for the City Council to get anything meaningful done in Wyoming.

Jesse Milligan