At the May 22 school board meeting, the possible end of Southwest as a junior high was a big part of the discussion. How fitting, then, that after the meeting a double rainbow framed Southwest.
At the school board meeting, the facilities task force presented two options for the board to consider. Both include remodeling projects at all seven elementary schools. Both close and demolish the Central Learning Center. Both move all junior high students out of Southwest Junior High and convert that building for Central Learning Center programs. Both call for a new swimming pool.
The difference is in the definition of junior high. With all Southwest Junior High students moving across St. Croix Trail to join the secondary school complex, either Century Junior High or the high school, or both, must expand to accept them. Should Grade 9 be with Grades 7 and 8, meaning Century Junior High would need a big addition? Or should Grade 9 be with Grades 10 to 12, meaning a big addition to the high school (and a smaller addition to Century)?
Because the elementary school remodeling projects are more straightforward, the school board will get cost information for their June 20 meeting. Costs for the more complex situation with the secondary schools will be presented Oct. 10. (Photo by Mary Bailey)