Linwood paving discussion on hold

Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

The decision to pave a section of 242nd and Amazon in Linwood Township is on hold for the time being. At the last board meeting Nate Kubat made an appeal to the Town Board from a group of residents requesting an extension of Typo Creek Drive NE be paved. The street is at the intersection of 242nd Street and Amazon.

Kubat had contacted neighbors living in Given’s Addition. Most of those living on paved streets, would like the area paved. However, not everyone on the gravel road supports paving it. A private agreement, outside the assessment process, could result in breach of contract if someone sold a home and wanted to move.

Attorney Mike Haag recommended a feasibility study to determine what a project cost. It is estimated that the study will take 60 days.

Job description rift

Linwood officials are on a mission to revise and bring up to date job descriptions for township employees. Among the goals is to have descriptions for periodic evaluations and provide objective criteria for merit pay increases.

Supervisor Carol Searing raised the issue of the job description for senior center coordinator. Initially this was discussed in May. At that time, Searing brought the matter up as a unanimous recommendation of the Senior Advisory Board.

Searing, liaison to the SAB, confirmed the group has 11 members; all of whom were in attendance at the meeting where the job description was discussed.  Senior Coordinator Judy Hanna is an ad hoc member, but did not attend that meeting.

Searing said she had listened to the tape of the board meeting and believes that the job description should not be sent back to the Senior Advisory Board for changes.

However, SAB members Deb Parker and Eileen Reinke disputed the unanimous recommendation of the job description. Reinke said the description focused too much on education and qualifications instead of descriptions of the tasks.

Hereau, Laura Herman, and Attorney Mike Haag had updated and revised a description on file. Herman said there is not a lot of difference from the original. It was to focus on “what the (SAB) was looking for in a Senior Coordinator,” according to Herman.

Ultimately, the decision was for written comments and suggestions be submitted to the acting Human Resources Committee, so these can be considered its next meeting, June 13.

Township courses

Announcement of the Minnesota Association of Townships summer short courses was an informational item on the agenda. These meetings are to provide continuing education for supervisors. Parker asked if-and-or-when Searing planned to attend any of these this summer, because of the good information they provide.

Searing has not attended any of these yet. Parker insisted that the request for Searing to commit to attend some of the MAT meetings be recorded in the meeting minutes. Supervisor Mike Halliday said he has not attended any of these yet either, even though he has been on the board several years.