Alleged armed robber foils own getaway

After Dazy Maze hold-up, suspect leaves wallet in shopping cart at Target


Clint Riese
News Editor

High-tailing it out of town is a strategy expected from any armed robber. According to Forest Lake police, a suspect’s failure to do just that helped them stay on his trail last week.


In fact, staying in the public eye was just one of several blunders the suspect made before he was arrested Friday evening in Polk County, Wis.

Forest Lake Police Capt. Greg Weiss said the department received a report of an armed robbery at Dazy Maze, 767 Lake St. S., Thursday morning, June 13. A white male was reported to have made off with cash and approximately $600 in merchandise after brandishing a handgun in front of a store clerk. He fled north in a red car.

On a hunch, a Forest Lake detective responding to the scene veered away to follow a red vehicle with Wisconsin license plates. The car pulled into the Forest Lake Target. The detective then headed back toward Dazy Maze because police learned the getaway car had Minnesota plates.

In gathering information at Dazy Maze, police also learned the robber attempted to buy the merchandise with an expired credit card.

A couple hours after the robbery, police received a report of Minnesota license plates stolen off a vehicle at Family Pathways, 935 Lake St. S.

Working off the new lead, police compared surveillance footage from Dazy Maze and Target and found the same man in both videos.

At this point, Weiss said, police got the break of the century: They discovered the man had forgotten his wallet in his Target shopping cart. His enclosed driver’s license and credit card helped police identify Matthew M. Millermon, 25, St. Croix Falls, Wis., as the suspect.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Friday evening issued a warrant for Millermon’s arrest for first-degree aggravated robbery, Weiss said. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office issued a search warrant for Millermon’s residence and he was arrested there. The Forest Lake Police Department was assisted by the Washington County and Polk County SWAT teams.

Investigators on the scene located the stolen merchandise, the handgun, the stolen license plates and the clothing worn during the robbery.

Millermon was booked in Polk County Jail in Balsam Lake, Wis., early Saturday morning. As of Tuesday afternoon, he had not waived his right to an extradition hearing, so he had not been transferred across the state line to face charges.

Though the getaway attempt was sloppy, the arrest came because of a police detective’s hunch and a good lead.

“It was really good police work by our detectives,” Weiss said.

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