FL graduate, blogger releases her first book

Lynn Nelson at home in White Bear Lake with one of her dogs. (Photo submitted)
Lynn Nelson at home in White Bear Lake with one of her dogs. (Photo submitted)


Cliff Buchan
Staff Writer

A Forest Lake High School graduate who marked her start in journalism with employment at the Forest Lake Times has authored her first book.

Just in time for summer, Twin Cities blogger and public relations consultant Lynn Ingrid Nelson of White Bear Lake has published her first book, “Getting Your Life into Balance: By Matching Your Time with Your Intentions.”

Nelson is a 1975 Forest Lake graduate. She spent a year working at the newspaper as a reporter and photographer. She now heads LIN PR + Associates, a White Bear Lake firm specializing in media relations, social media, e-newsletters, websites and event public relations.

According to Nelson, summer is a time to savor gardening in the sunshine, exercising outdoors, and dining on the patio – not spending overtime at your desk or on other uninspiring tasks.

The book recommends ways for readers to slow down their frantic pace and focus on what really matters to them. It is written in workbook style, allowing readers to track their goals, barriers and ways to get what they want in their personal lives and beyond.

Goal driven

“I’ve been extremely goal-oriented since high school,” said Nelson, who is 56. “Most of my goals have been professional. However, during the past 20 years, I’ve seen how important it is to focus on personal goals and growth for the sake of my mental health and to overcome urges toward workaholism.”

The book includes tools, such as a “Time Diet,” which encourages readers to consider all categories in their lives: emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and play.

It also has a “Time Diary” for tracking how readers’ time is actually spent.

The book includes photos by Twin Cities rock sculptor and photographer Peter Juhl, who is a database administrator for a large company in Minneapolis.

“The act of balancing rocks is like a meditation,” Juhl said. “And knowing my photos are being enjoyed by others is very fulfilling.”

R. Bruce Armstrong, formerly creative director for ad agency BBDO, Minneapolis, designed the book.

“Getting Your Life into Balance” also includes some of the most popular blogs Nelson has written for www.SheTaxi.com, an online community for women founded several years ago by Peggy Paul, who wanted to create a site for women to help them dialogue about real issues in their lives, without the intrusion of ads about Botox and weight-loss miracles.

To learn more

To find out more about “Getting Your Life into Balance,” visit: http://linpr.com/what-is-it/, https://www.facebook.com/GettingYourLifeIntoBalance and @TheBalanceBook on Twitter. The e-book retails for $4.99 on Amazon. To purchase “Getting Your Life in Balance” visit: http://amzn.to/WZriGh or https://secure.mybookorders.com/Orderpage/1082.

Nelson is a successful communications consultant who has been the principal of LIN Public Relations for the past 15 years. She was director of public relations for what is now Ameriprise and has taught strategic communications at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism & Mass Communication.

She is married to Michael Keeler and lives in White Bear Lake with her two Westies, Cagney and Lacey. Nelson has a 25-year-old son, Nicholas Blanco.

She’s written “Getting Your Life in Balance” to share with others how to balance the demands of working without giving up the passions that inspire them.

Publish Green, a division of Hillcrest Media Group Inc., Minneapolis, published the book. To learn more about Hillcrest, visit HillcrestMedia.com.