Mediation proposed in Linwood

Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

The Linwood Town Board is revising and updating job descriptions for township employees.

Attorney Mike Haag is a member of the Human Resources Committee who also provides legal advice. Others working on the descriptions as committee members are supervisors Mike Halliday and Phil Osterhus.

The most recent work has been with the job description for senior coordinator. Judy Hanna has held this position for at least 15 years. She has said she plans to retire from the position at the end of the year, but has not yet submitted a written resignation.

Supervisor Carol Searing, liaison to the Senior Advisory Board (SAB), has presented the SAB recommendations to the Town Board. According to the record of the SAB meeting, members unanimously recommended the description to the town board. However, at the June 11 Town Board meeting, there were protests that the recommendation was not unanimous.

Haag thought there was a lot of hostility and anger expressed at the SAB meeting and observed “a lot of disagreement among people in the community” afterward. He recommended bringing in Anoka County Mediation Service and encouraged residents to “start working together more harmoniously.”

Supervisors were receptive to the proposal.