School board sees cost estimates for elementary facility upgrade options

Task force list ranked by priority

When the school facilities task force members presented their findings in April, they recommended a total cost not to exceed $130 million. But the cost of each recommended repair, replacement and improvement was not part of the presentation.

For seven elementary school buildings, that information was provided at the June 20 school board meeting.

The eighth school, Central Montessori, was not included in this list. It is currently housed in the Central Learning Center, which the task force recommends demolishing because of its age. Along with the other programs now at the CLC, Central Montessori could be moved to Southwest Junior High.

Each of the elementary buildings has a list of items categorized into first, second and third priority.

The total estimated construction cost to do everything on the elementary list is $43,315,843. The total for just the top-ranked items is $21,087,263.

The highest-ranking items for the seven schools are presented in the charts below. First priority items are shaded blue, second priority light blue, and third priority green.

Some items on the list apply just to a certain part of the building. For example, in the list of top priorities at Forest View Elementary, the task force recommended HVAC upgrades to the north kindergarten addition. In the second priority list at Lino Lakes Elementary, window and screen replacements apply only to the 1957 and 1975 wings.

So that board members could fully understand these specifics, the presentation included a map of each elementary school showing the date each wing was built. Those maps are also posted here.

The cost list for changes recommended for junior high and high school buildings will be presented at the Oct. 10 school board meeting.

A secondary campus, with Century Junior High housing all students in grades seven and eight and an expanded high school building accommodating grades nine to 12, will be considered.

That meeting will include a proposal for a new swimming pool and will address traffic concerns.