UPDATE: Possible kidnapping an “attempt at a prank”

MONDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: The suspicious Sunday night incident that the Forest Lake Police Department had considered a possible kidnapping was staged.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, FLPD Capt. Greg Weiss confirmed the incident was a hoax.

The incident involved a female hopping out of the trunk of a car parked at Walmart. Surveillance footage, which backed up the report of a witness, showed a female leave the front passenger seat and drag the other female back to the trunk. The car then quickly left the lot.

Police sought help from the public in identifying the car and its occupants. FLPD at 2 p.m. today, July 8, took a call from the mother of a juvenile involved in the incident. The mother said the incident was a prank.

“Our office interviewed those involved, found video evidence on their phones, and we have determined the suspicious situation to be nothing more than an attempt at a prank,” Weiss said.

Charges or referrals may be requested regarding those involved, Weiss said.

The original article appears below:

An incident that took place Sunday in the Walmart parking lot has the Forest Lake Police Department seeking the public’s help in what is being considered a possible kidnapping case.

The department at 8:30 p.m. on July 7 took a call from a witness who reported the incident. FLPD said the statement provided by the witness was confirmed by surveillance video.

In the video, a dark-colored, four-door car parks in front of the store. A female comes out of the trunk and runs south. As she runs past the front passenger door, a female gets out of that door and chases her. The front-seat passenger catches the fleeing female and forcefully puts her back in the trunk. The vehicle then leaves the scene at a high rate of speed.

Police seek the public’s help in identifying the vehicle and its occupants. The vehicle is believed to be a 2005-2012 Kia, or a similar make, with an out-of-state plate on the back. No license plate was displayed on the front.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Forest Lake Tip Line at 651-209-9911.

Click here to watch the surveillance video.