Donated bikes go missing in Linwood

Twenty taken from drop-off point for children’s charity


Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

Whether by theft or an honest mistake, approximately 20 bikes donated for eventual gifting to children recently disappeared from the collection point in Linwood Township.

Linwood Supervisor Ed Kramer discovered that the bikes were missing July 29. He had been at the center two days earlier, when 30 bikes were donated as part of Linwood’s recycling program.

Kramer had returned to the recycling center to pick the bikes up for delivery to a repairman and found only 10 or so bikes remaining. Most of the bikes in the best condition were missing, he reported.

The supervisor hopes that those responsible mistakenly thought the bikes were to be thrown away. If this was a mistake, Kramer called on those in possession of the bikes to return them, no questions asked. If it was a deliberate theft, however, he wants those responsible to know they are stealing from a charity for kids.

The township recently teamed with Linwood Covenant Church to work with Bikes for Kids, a charitable organization that provides bicycles for kids who might not otherwise get one. The church asked the township if the drop-site could be the recycling center. Now, on the fourth Saturday of each month residents can deliver bikes they no longer use. A volunteer gives each bike a tune-up and lube before they are given to children, including some from Linwood.

Anyone with information on the missing bikes can call Kramer at 651-462-4979 or Linwood Town Hall 651-462-2812.