Wyoming fills police assistant void

Council approves funds for Stagecoach Days


Alice Pickering
Wyoming Reporter

The Wyoming City Council on Aug. 6 approved hiring Jeanine Rabe for the position of police administrative assistant and records clerk. She replaces Robb Linwood, who moved from this position to assistant city administrator.

Public Safety Director Paul Hoppe said Rabe was selected from more than 80 applicants. Interviews of top candidates plus a computer skill practical exercise narrowed the field to three.

Rabe has 17 years experience working for the Isanti County criminal justice system, including work as a records clerk transcriptionist and a legal secretary. She earned a degree in secretarial service from Pine Technical Institute. She also demonstrated competence with the software systems the department uses.

Based on her extensive experience, Hoppe recommended Rabe’s starting position to be at Step 3 of the pay equity scale, which is $21.32 per hour.

Councilman Joe Zerwas commented it will “save time and energy getting her up to speed.”

Council approved the hire by a vote of 4-0, with Roger Elmore absent. Rabe begins work Aug. 26.

Stagecoach Days

Three agenda items were related to the city’s upcoming Stagecoach Days. The council approved an application made by the Wyoming Fire Relief Association to conduct off-site gambling in the form of a raffle on Sept. 14. Also, a temporary on-sale liquor license was approved for the Wyoming Fire Relief Association for Sept. 14-15, at the Cornerstone Restaurant.

Finally, the council authorized the city of Wyoming to transfer funds to the Wyoming Fire Relief Association for the celebration. The association is in the process of attaining its status as a nonprofit for 2014. Opinions of the city attorney and the auditor allow the transfer of funds. The city can receive fees and donations on behalf of the organization to help support the celebration. Council approved the resolution by a vote of 4-0.

Budget details

Resident Dan Babbitt requested that more of the budget planning discussion occur during regular council meetings. He would like to hear rationale for line items, how the numbers are reached, proposed cuts and increases, and the like. Explaining these during the process would help residents understand how the staff and council reach a proposed budget.

The not-to-exceed levy is determined in September. Before the levy is finally adopted, there are budget discussions; then the Truth in Taxation hearing.

Other business

The council also:

– Learned that the plans and specifications for the 2013 street improvements and 10-year capital improvement project are ready for bidding, whenever the council is ready to proceed on projects.

– Authorized the Police Department to sell four unclaimed vehicles by online auction or sell as scrap. Net proceeds are distributed between the Police Department’s forfeiture fund (70 percent) and the Chisago County Attorney’s Office (30 percent).

Aug. 27 election

A special election is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 27. The election is residents’ chance to vote whether to approve the sale of bonds to finance street repairs and selected utility improvements. The proposed bond sale, in the amount of $2,775,000, is to be repaid over 10 years.