Local 4-H participants win at fair

The following local youth won champion or reserve champion honors at the Washington County Fair 4-H shows.

Town of May 4-H Club champions

Bayli Gregorich, Breeding Pen

Xavier DeWolfe, Grades 3-5

Savannah Hervig, Intermediate; Jumpers 2

Edward Waskow, Market Pen

Amber Mrozinski, Dog Education Exhibit – Grades 3-5

Megan Slater, Photography – Elements – Grades 9+; Clothes You Buy – Grades 9+; Veterans; Brace;

Jacob Anderson, Food Preservation – Grades 9+

Sydney Anderson, Education Exhibit – Grades 3-5

Simon Chauss, Three-year-old doe

Aly Clemens, Beef Showmanship – Grades 3-5

Sarah Taylor, Egg Production–white eggs

Sarah Taylor, Photography – Elements- Grades 3-5

Emma Newcomb, Clothes You Buy – Grades 3-5

Anna Strupp, Clothes You Make – Grades 3-5; Style Revue-Clothes You Make – Grades 3-13

Ashley Johnson, Dairy Goat Showmanship -Grades 6-8

Alison Johnson, Dairy Goat Showmanship – Grades 3-5

Town of May 4-H Club reserve champions

Bayli Gregorich, Milking Doe – 3 or 4 Years Old; Dairy Goat Showmanship – Grades 3-5; Photography – Elements – Grades 3-5

Noah DeWolfe, Grades 3-5

Alexandra Hervig, Grades 3-5

Morgan Tate, Flower Gardening – Grades 6-8

Sam Kersten, Beef Showmanship – Grades 9+

Rachael Anderson, Grades 9+

Alex Anderson, Grades 6-8

Maria Anderson, Style Revue-Clothes You Make- Grades 3-13; Style Revue-Clothes You Buy – Grades 3-13

Magdalen Gadbois, Style Revue-Clothes You Buy –
Grades 3-13

Megan Slater, Food Preservation – Grades 9+

Jeremiah Carter, Fishing Sports – Grades 3-5

Joshua Taylor, Junior Yearling

Jenny Thill, Crossbred Dairy Steer

James Thill, Beef Showmanship – Grades 6-8

Mariah Daninger, Dairy Showmanship – Grades 9+; Junior Herd; Senior Herd

Sommer Sova, Dairy Goat Showmanship – Grades 9+

Simon Chauss, 4-year-and-older doe

Alex Schiefelbein, Egg Production-white eggs

Joseph Moran, Shooting Sports – Grades 6-8

Alison Johnson, Dairy Market Goat


Forest Lake Rangers 4-H Club champions

Edward Waskow, Market Pen

Andrea Dunrud, Club Banner

Forest Lake Rangers 4-H Club reserve champion

Andrea Dunrud, Clothes You Make – Grades 9+; Style Revue-Clothes You Make – Grades 3-13

Soil Savers 4-H Club champion

Nathan Walters, Forest Resources – Grades 3-5

Soil Savers 4-H Club reserve champion

Emma Fairbanks, Food Preservation – Grades 3-5

Wranglers 4-H Club reserve champion

Justin Thomas, Key Race – Grades 6-7