Open Forum for week of Aug. 29

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Roundabout Refund?

It’s that time of the year where the mayor and his puppets put on a show on how hard it is to fund next year’s budget.

Where are we going to come up with money to pay a fire inspector who, based on his last five year’s productivity of inspecting 32 commercial properties, costs over $2900 per inspection?

Maybe the city could get back money from the county on a roundabout which is not living up to the county’s rationale for building it. I recall opposition saying it was too small. Not to worry, said Susan Young and Judy Bull, we can buy the Ameriprise building and land from the bank for just a few hundred thousand dollars of hard-earned taxpayers’ money.

Problem solved, not exactly. Darned if accidents didn’t double. They say this is good because the accidents are only fender-benders. Tell that to the owners.

The county now realizes the roundabout is too small to be two lanes, but they will just restripe it one lane. Their argument was it had to be two lanes to meet projected traffic. Where are those cars going to go? Maybe by then Forest Lake will be so dead that traffic will no longer be an issue.

Using a Susan Young-type analogy, it’s like building a two-bathroom house but only one works. Rather than the contractor correcting the problem, he hangs a sign on one: ‘Out of order, please wait to use the other one.’

No wonder we don’t have money to run our city.

Ed Eigner
Forest Lake