Mentoring program needs adults, youth

Do you have time to make a difference in someone’s life? The Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau has two young boys ready to be matched with male mentors.

Are you a young woman who could use someone older to talk to? Three female mentors are waiting to be matched with girls who could benefit from having positive role models in their lives.

The Making Connection mentoring program gives youth ages 10 to 17 the opportunity to build a positive and encouraging relationship with a supportive adult in the community.

Matches meet at least two times a month for a minimum of six months, according to a schedule that they determine together.

For more information visit To apply, contact Andria Flaherty at 651-464-3685.

Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau is a non-profit organization serving the Forest Lake school district and all communities in Chisago County. Its mission is to ensure the success of youth.