Peterson Companies

The City of Wyoming Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at the Wyoming City Hall, 26885 Forest Boulevard on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. to consider the request of Peterson Companies, Inc for an Interim Use Permit to allow mineral extraction of topsoil / black dirt on the property owned by Archie & Jacqueline Ducharme. Such Interim Use Permit is to be valid for three years unless renewed. The property subject to the public hearing is known as 24011 Forest Boulevard, Forest Lake, and is legally described as follows:
That part of the South 1/2 of Southeast 1/4 of Section 32, Twp, 33 North, Range 21 West, Chisago County, Minnesota, lying easterly of the easterly rightof-way line of Trunk Highway No, 61, described as follows:
Commencing at the South quarter corner of said Section 32; thence East 0 degrees 00 minutes, along the south line thereof, 513.2 feet to the point of intersection thereof with the easterly right-of-way line of Trunk Highway No. 61, which point is the point of beginning of the tract described herein, thence North l3 degrees 59 minutes 40 seconds West, along said easterly highway right-of-way line, 1354.8 feet to the point of intersection thereof with the north line of said South 1/2 of Southeast 1/4 of Section, 32; thence North 89 degrees 54 minutes East, along said north line, 2046 feet to the point of intersection thereof with the center line of the Sunrise River; thence South 34 degrees 40 minutes West, along said river center line, and the southerly extension thereof, 1602.5 feet to the point of intersection thereof with the south line of said Section 32; which point is the Southeast corner of the Southwest 1/4 Southeast 1/4 of said Section. 32, thence West 0 degrees 00 minutes, along said south line of Section 32, 806.8 feet to the point of beginning, containing 43.0 acres, more or lees, and subject to the existing drainage ditch along the north line thereof.
Also subject to an easement retained for roadway purposes 2 rods in width the Southerly line of which is the Southerly line at said Tract II, for access to T.H. 61. Also including any right of title existing in the adjacent Trunk Highway 61.
Frederick E. Weck, IV
Zoning Administrator
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
September 12, 2013

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