Train lover to speak at Northern Lights

Dennis Bartholow
Dennis Bartholow

Train expert Dennis Bartholow will present “Romance on the Rails” at the Sept. 28 Northern Lights Writers meeting.

The program will be held at the Giese Memorial Library in Wyoming, beginning at 10 a.m. Before the meeting, everyone is welcome to join members for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. at the Village Inn in Wyoming.

Trains are important in literature and have been featured in many movies, including “The Polar Express,” “The Orient Express,” “Silver Streak,” “Cassandra Crossing,” “Holiday Inn,” “North by Northwest,” “Some Like it Hot,” “The Wild, Wild West,” “Iron Will” (filmed in Duluth) and “Unstoppable.” This presentation is aimed at authors who want to use trains in their stories.

Bartholow has been into trains since the age of 6, when he and his friends hitched train rides in Shorewood, Minn. He helped his father, a model railroader, build a 27-ft. by 23-ft. model railroad in the basement.

His knowledge of trains encompasses the 1800’s steam locomotives up to modern high-speed trains. He knows about the people who worked on them and the people who rode on them.

Traveling by train is part of Bartholow’s hobby. He has journeyed on local and international trains such as the Minnesota Zephyr, Minneapolis Gopher, the Minneapolis-to-Big Lake commuter, the 261, Amtrak (using private classic Milwaukee cars) and high-speed European trains in Norway and Sweden.

Bartholow is a sales engineer at Dentek. He has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of automated industrial design and engineering, including overhead monorail, automated electrical control system, warehouse and distribution layout and flow.

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