Charges filed after alligators found in Scandia lake

A father and son in Scandia have been charged with keeping exotic animals.

An alligator was shot in Goose Lake by a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources employee after the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was notified that two small alligators were in the lake.

William Charles St. Sauver, 66, and his son William Henry St. Sauver, 30, each were charged with one misdemeanor count. Goose Lake is located across Oldfield Avenue from the St. Sauver farm.

The second alligator has been recovered and returned to the farm. Both animals were less than 3 feet long. William Henry St. Sauver said the alligators had been stolen from their tank.

The City of Scandia has sent a letter to the St. Sauvers saying that city code does not allow the keeping of wild or exotic animals. The St. Sauvers will appear in Washington County District Court on Oct. 29.